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E-Government National Intellectual Property Office System training classes in Hefei 0 02/14/13
Ningbo, Zhejiang University, Ministry of Education awarded the College two outcomes research award 0 02/14/13
Lanzhou City, Gansu Province in 2009 the amount of patent applications rose sharply again 0 02/14/13
Deputy Mayor of Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu IPR research 0 02/14/13
Tianjin, 27 PCT international patent application is the central financial assistance of 1.41 million 0 02/14/13
Trade Promotion: Special Action serious IPR protection 0 02/14/13
Xinyi, Jiangsu province as "pornography" advanced model city 0 02/14/13
Dali in Yunnan Province to promote protection of geographical indication 0 02/14/13
Supreme Court: increased demand for judicial protection of intellectual property rights 0 02/14/13
Industrial and commercial authorities increase rural incomes in the use of geographical indications significant effect 0 02/14/13
Held in Shaanxi Province, "a six-city area" Secretary Technology Forum 0 02/14/13
Wenshan introduced to implement the national IP strategy advice 0 02/14/13
Premier: The ultimate decision is to create competition, intellectual property and brand 0 02/14/13
China Trademark Review and Adjudication significantly alleviate the backlog of cases 0 02/14/13
Aspects of the State Intellectual Property Office will promote the special action from the 7 0 02/14/13
The Ministry of Industry and Information Engineering Intellectual Property Strategy for SMEs 0 02/14/13
Sino-Japanese Joint Press Release: Strengthening cooperation in the fields of intellectual property 0 02/14/13
Rugao city, Jiangsu Science and Technology Work Conference 0 02/14/13
Ministry of Industry plans to promote intellectual property work release 0 02/14/13
Intellectual Property Office of Guangxi Autonomous Region held meetings 0 02/14/13
Shandong Zibo patent administrative law enforcement to carry out publicity activities on 0 02/14/13
Hubei year "swept" out of more than 1,200 patents 0 02/14/13
Huangshan in Anhui in 2009 patent applications continued growth momentum 0 02/14/13
New varieties of flowers "Red China" was shown in Shanghai World Expo 0 02/14/13
Hunan active deployment of the "Science and Technology Progress Law" self-examination and inspection of law enforcement Ying 0 02/14/13
SAIC 386 new well-known trademarks 0 02/14/13
Protection of New Varieties of Plants on the adjustment of the right to notice of the issue fee 0 02/14/13
Henan IP Strategy 2010 plan launched to promote 0 02/14/13
National Engineering Laboratory for the use of results-oriented intellectual property rights 0 02/14/13
Ganshao Ning, deputy director, led a delegation on a working visit to Singapore 0 02/14/13
SIPO deputy director Yang Tiejun met delegation of the Japan Patent Office Automation Group 0 02/14/13
National Collaborating Centre for Intellectual Property Office patent examination by the Expert Group on Physical and Chemical Research in Xinjiang 0 02/14/13
Key proposals for the work of the CPPCC National Committee forum, held in Xi'an 0 02/14/13
Ministry of Industry and guidance on intellectual property this year will be issued 0 02/14/13
State Intellectual Property Office Li Yuguang, deputy director of intellectual property rights research went to Qinghai 0 02/14/13
Seventh Sino-Russian high-tech products and Mongolia Technology Exhibition and Trade Fair opened 0 02/14/13
GAPP: China to step up development of national standards for e-content 0 02/14/13
Xiaoxing Wei of Shaanxi in 2010 to attend the meeting and spoke of intellectual property rights 0 02/14/13
The city of Weifang in Shandong large to thoroughly investigate patent application 0 02/14/13
The newly revised "patent pledge registration" effective October 1 0 02/14/13
2010 Guangxi Intellectual Property Organization Coordination Publicity Week will be held 0 02/14/13
Zeng: To grasp the intellectual property rights to improve the competitiveness of nuclear energy 0 02/14/13
"During" the introduction of the five measures to support the Ministry of Railways Innovation 0 02/14/13
Intellectual Property Office of Linyi City, Shandong won national honors 0 02/14/13
Jiangsu won four national championship field of intellectual property 0 02/14/13
Foreign-related intellectual property rights Li Yuguang attended training classes in Beijing 0 02/14/13
SFDA will hold the "2007 Forum on Pharmaceutical Intellectual Property" 0 02/14/13
Geographical indications protection products Fuzhou jasmine tea publish local standards 0 02/14/13
Jiaxing, Zhejiang, the full deployment of national IPR pilot city of Acceptance 0 02/14/13
The city of Changsha in Hunan Intellectual Property Office of the Secretary for the meeting held 0 02/14/13