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Jilin Province will carry out all kinds of copyright copyright publishing industry survey 0 02/14/13
World Intellectual Property Day Yanzhou campaign launched 0 02/14/13
SIPO Commissioner Tian met with the Cuban Industrial Property Office of the Secretary 0 02/14/13
"Performance on Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2008," kicked off in Beijing 0 02/14/13
Hainan law enforcement officers seized 12 million pirated optical discs 0 02/14/13
5 departmental Haining Leather City law enforcement and protection of intellectual property rights 0 02/14/13
Dali County, Shaanxi Province Bureau of Commerce and Industry to carry out "Intellectual Property Day" campaign 0 02/14/13
Fujian Putian destruction of more than 120 million counterfeit and shoddy goods 0 02/14/13
Wuhan Urban joint inspection of law enforcement 0 02/14/13
Beijing held a press conference on IPR protection 0 02/14/13
Wuhan: Optics Valley of the proposed IP Exchange 0 02/14/13
Daqing will be held in the brand development work to promote 0 02/14/13
Zhejiang Quzhou strengthen IPR protection 0 02/14/13
Deployment of Luoyang, Henan Province held a meeting "Thunderstorm", "Skynet" Intellectual Property Protection 0 02/14/13
China achieved remarkable results in genuine software 0 02/14/13
Sichuan Province last year, the amount of patent applications and authorization to continue to maintain both the first western 0 02/14/13
Implementation strategy to address China's State Intellectual Property Infringement production takes time to know 0 02/14/13
The Seminar on Sino-US patent applications held in Beijing 0 02/14/13
10th Science and Technology Week hundreds of events started in Jinzhou, Liaoning 0 02/14/13
Tian: Strengthen IPR enforcement in China 0 02/14/13
Celebration held in Sichuan, the "Patent Law" 25th Anniversary 0 02/14/13
November 2007 COM domain names in Hong Kong more than 80% market share 0 02/14/13
Yunnan Provincial Intellectual Property 5-year strategic objectives clearly 0 02/14/13
Foreign-funded enterprises in Tianjin Tian visit to listen to comments and suggestions 0 02/14/13
ICBC core fully registered trademark protection in Macau 0 02/14/13
World Intellectual Property Day, held in Heilongjiang Shuangyashan campaign 0 02/14/13
Intellectual Property Office established Yuanan Xian Yichang 0 02/14/13
China's software piracy rate in 2007 is about to release investigation report 0 02/14/13
Huaibei pull off the IPR Week 0 02/14/13
Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to increase efforts to carry out "anti-pornography" activities 0 02/14/13
Shandong Weifang establish liaison system of Intellectual Property 0 02/14/13
Yibin city into a strong national intellectual property 0 02/14/13
Heilongjiang focus on the destruction of piracy and illegal publications 1,170,000 0 02/14/13
Shenzhen ranks the third patent application 0 02/14/13
Fujian Science and Technology conference held in the New Ideas of Science and Technology 0 02/14/13
Goldman Sachs was Bigdough sue copyright data 0 02/14/13
SIPO Li Yuguang, deputy director of Jiangsu inspection and guidance to the preparatory workshop in Mongolia 0 02/14/13
Wuhan Optics Valley of the proposed IP Exchange 0 02/14/13
Frederick Ma officiates at fifth IPD Open Day Hong Kong 0 02/14/13
"Expo copyright protection far beyond the difficulty of the Beijing Olympics" 0 02/14/13
Consultation with provincial units of the national patent information held in application of advanced training courses 0 02/14/13
Hong Kong to amend the Copyright Act to help prosecute violations of parallel imports 0 02/14/13
107th Canton Fair will be held intellectual property rights complaint Station Summary 0 02/14/13
Centralized funding, Yuzhong District, to honor patent 0 02/14/13
Zhongshan, Guangdong joint law enforcement special operations of patent 0 02/14/13
Minhang District, Shanghai IPR promotion activities in community 0 02/14/13
Quanzhou, Fujian Expand "Green bookmark action" series of promotional activities 0 02/14/13
Liaoning: implementation of the trademark strategy to promote economic development 0 02/14/13
Beijing set up its first branch protection of intellectual property community volunteer service teams 0 02/14/13
Guangdong: Guangzhou Asian Games to increase IPR 0 02/14/13