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Deployed in 2008 in Chongqing, "IPR Protection Publicity Week" 0 02/14/13
Pingliang Kong Dongqu Intellectual Property Office, patent management system across the province won the title of advanced collective 0 02/14/13
SAIC Trademark Office issued a circular clear trademark opposition matters 0 02/14/13
Zhang Qin, deputy director of the State Intellectual Property Office of the United States legal experts met in Beijing 0 02/14/13
Shanxi Lingshi grid monitoring the Asian Games mark infringement remediation 0 02/14/13
Nanjing, Jiangsu, Shandong, Jinan, Intellectual Property Investigation Bureau and the 0 02/14/13
Tianjin: New Technology Industrial Park, a series of policies to encourage enterprises to create their own intellectual property rights 0 02/14/13
National patent strategy promotion project Zhang Qin attended the conference recently held 0 02/14/13
"Patent Protection and Public Health International Forum" in Beijing in recent days 0 02/14/13
Deployment of Yibin City, Sichuan in 2008, "IPR Protection Publicity Week" 0 02/14/13
Add half of Hunan 300 famous trademarks 0 02/14/13
Gansu Hexi area of intellectual property training courses held in Zhangye City 0 02/14/13
Tai'an City, Shandong Province People's Congress to carry out the "Patent Law" inspection activities 0 02/14/13
Protection of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in Guangdong the first deliberation of the Bill 0 02/14/13
Sichuan Intellectual Property Office on patent law enforcement inspection of agricultural materials market 0 02/14/13
Wu Zhi Henan industrial enterprises to carry out industrial clustering to eliminate the "zero patent" activities 0 02/14/13
China has investigated and dealt with inexperienced Bo mark infringement over a thousand pieces 0 02/14/13
Neijiang Standing Committee "Patent Law" report on the implementation of 0 02/14/13
Higher level quality work Huangshi, Hubei 0 02/14/13
The increase in the first half of Anhui Province, the country's first patent application 0 02/14/13
Xiangfan, Hubei Province and Henan provinces Nanyang fully operational (regional) cooperation in intellectual property rights 0 02/14/13
Implementation of intellectual property strategy as the work of the forum topics Huaibei Technology 0 02/14/13
China Top Brand "logo will not be able to continue to use late 0 02/14/13
Qinghai attention to the cultural heritage of national industries and geographical features patent 0 02/14/13
Handan City, Hebei 2010 the successful conclusion of the work of the Patent Application Grant 0 02/14/13
Training courses organized by the North American intellectual property practice in Qingdao 0 02/14/13
Kaifeng, Henan Province in 2008, "pornography" to determine the tasks 0 02/14/13
Tongchuan City "Spring of Science and Technology Awareness Month" promotion of intellectual property 0 02/14/13
Zhejiang Jiande three measures to increase the protection of intangible cultural heritage 0 02/14/13
Chongqing Technology and Business departments to carry out special rectification Olympic mark 0 02/14/13
Zhejiang Sanmen farmers invented the 10-year life of the new train brakes two or three times longer 0 02/14/13
Shanghai Huangpu fight to curb infringement of intellectual property protection Expo 0 02/14/13
Ziyang City, Sichuan Intellectual Property Office held the fifth meeting 0 02/14/13
Changsha: the accumulation of patents for the listed companies internal strength 0 02/14/13
Tian: intellectual property has become a strong support for urban development 0 02/14/13
Shenzhen, Guangdong copyright industry cluster effect the formation of 0 02/14/13
Shanghai Intellectual Property Strategy to implement the eight priorities identified 0 02/14/13
Qingdao, Shandong Province approved two new district (city) commission to carry out patent law enforcement 0 02/14/13
Guizhou Renhuai 22 enterprises with independent intellectual property rights of 26 million award by the Government 0 02/14/13
Cixi, Zhejiang Province early warning system has been trademark infringement 0 02/14/13
Jiangsu add another 33 new varieties of crops to benefit people's lives more 0 02/14/13
Dongying City, Shandong IPR infringement assistance centers provide assistance to other provinces 0 02/14/13
2009 State Intellectual Property Office recently issued strategic plan to implement intellectual property 0 02/14/13
Shijiazhuang: the combination of technology and finance to increase 0 02/14/13
Inner innovative demonstration project will be included in a major technology program 0 02/14/13
Yan Xiaohong, deputy director of the National Copyright Administration: the rational use of folk literature and art resources 0 02/14/13
Supreme Court: Antitrust civil cases heard by the Intellectual Property Tribunal 0 02/14/13
Qingdao strengthen the 2010 China International Consumer Electronics Show IPR protection 0 02/14/13
Urumqi Customs in the first half of 2010 by five intellectual property infringement cases into 0 02/14/13
Technology and Industry for National Defense organizations to seriously study and implement the "Outline" 0 02/14/13