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Building materials companies and third party logistics enterprises need to pay attention to?

Building materials companies and third party logistics enterprises need to pay attention to?

Posted on 2013-02-14 23:30:44

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Building materials companies and third party logistics enterprises, many of its advantages, but some details still need attention. Million do not inadvertently cause unnecessary financial and brand damage. First of all, building materials enterprises in the process of cooperation with third-party logistics, logistics business is not completely set the matter. The efficiency of logistics companies, acting styles and so impact on the enterprise's image. Cooperation, the need for business processes and related systems will be clear. It should be noted that third-party logistics service quality, management level and direction of development, building materials companies only make suggestions, not decisions. Thus, complete laissez-faire enterprise logistics business may result in the kinds of situation. Second, in the building materials industry, such a highly competitive situation, a good enterprise image distribution system for extra points. Therefore, building materials enterprises in the selection of logistics companies, need to pay attention to their viability. Enterprises should control the logistics company for the distribution of the daily business operations, the timely processing of complaints caused by logistics problems. Again, frequent replacement of building materials business cooperation can not be third-party logistics partner. Any two companies in the early stages of the process of cooperation will encounter some small friction, business leaders need to identify what can be solved, which are irreconcilable. Only after running the two sides before they can have more time understanding the cooperation. Finally, level of development of third party logistics companies, if not keep up pace of development of building materials, building materials will restrict the development of enterprises. With the continuous development of enterprises, the requirements of its logistics services also higher, the original third-party logistics could not be pursued due to various reasons, such enterprises or self logistics solve the problem, or only the loss of development opportunities, all of which may the development of enterprises adversely affected.  Logistics enterprises, in particular, the success of third party logistics, building materials companies will also establish more extensive sales channels. Implementation of sales and distribution of the leap.

2013-02-14 23:30:44