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sending TF memory cards from china to pakistan!

Hi i want to know that what is tho most best method for sending memory cards in bulk quantity from China to Pakistan. and what is the best method of custom clearance in pakistan. because i send about 1000 memory cards to pakistan by DHL. now its almost more than 3 weeks it is still under custom clearing process. i Let DHL to clear it on my behalf. so it is very late please give me some advice on this . Thanks Zeekash Ahmed 0086 151 79651200

Posted on 2013-02-15 02:05:33

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AskerRecommended Hello Friend,   The DHL will guider you to help with the customs clearance. Maybe you had to provide the invoice to help with the customs clearance.   Are all the memory cards are brand name ones ? Do pay attention to the total declared value.   Next time you had better to use EMS to ship this kinds of goods for better   Best regards Lizzy

2013-02-15 02:05:33