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Can anybody help me with tracking an Airmail Parcel from China to the UK?

I was sent a parcel on 8th Dec 2010 and I have been given a Reference Number from the sender. When I go onto the website, it gives this information Search result Tracking# Year Status Destination Last Location Date Tracking Number RRXXXXXXXXXXXCN YEAR 2010 STATUS departure from outward office of exchange DESTINATION GREAT BRITAIN LAST LOCATION Beijing International Airport DATE 2010-12-08 Now I think I am reading this correctly and that it left Beijing Int Airport on 8 Dec 2010, but I'm not sure. Does anybody know how to track the Parcel from this point onwards? Many thanks for any help you can give. Ian

Posted on 2013-03-03 03:01:25

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Hi Ian   Have you tried using the China Mail number on Royal Mail?   There is no problem tracking a China Mail item through USPS (United States Postal Service), but i have found that once an item from China Mail is available at the USPS track and confirm service, it can no longer be found in the China Mail tracking service database.   If your system is anything like ours in South Africa, then i suggest you contact yout Post Office's customer services to find out what happens to post received from China Mail. In South Africa, any Internationally posted item with a tracking service, is given a new "Domestic" tracking number as soon as it passes through our customs. i'm told that this is in order for it to become aligned with our local (domestic) postal system. i really don't know why there can't be cross pollination between postal services, because the data must be available in order for either service to do so, for the simple reason that if i quote a China Post tracking number to our customer services, they can give me the new domestic tracking number for it. The funny thing is, that the integers in the tracking number strings are exactly the same length for all countries.   i don't see why continuity cannot be provided for any country for any trackable item, on any, or either site, in this day and age. The cost of this sort of data exchange, at todays prices, could only be measured in nano$. These services must be working on at least a 10000% mark-up for something half baked. Instead, for years and years, they use all countries top experts in the field of data capture and manipulation, to meet at costly all expenses paid symposiums held overseas, in order to deliver papers and discuss and then to try to decide, "What is an address?" and how best should an address be captured in XML. After all these years, it seems they have still not reached an agreement about this issue. Nowhere have i seen any discussion about addressing the simple issue of data exchange for tracking purposes. This is an issue which has become almost critical in this day and age and the global economy. It's one which should keep both a buyer and a supplier, (or sender and receiver) informed of the whereabouts of their items and goods. It's about time these services delivered the service for which one presently pays a handsomely marked-up price. Tracking is charged for and definitely doesn't come for free.  At the moment what postal services are doing could quite easily be constituted as fraud. They are charging for services that do not deliver without intervention on the part of the sender, or receiver. i wish they would all wake up already, it's 2011.   Whatever happens to items posted through China Mail to the UK, i would definitely like to know about Ian and so i'd be very greatful to you if you would keep me informed.   Regards   Boxy

2013-03-03 03:01:23

You can used Chinese version of tracking site , make your search then translate the results , you may find some different results . By the way, China Air express some times complete delivering by a third party express courier like TNT, Fedex or ...., Good Luck

2013-03-03 03:01:25

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I'll keep trying to call Royal Mail. I've been trying to call them for 2 days now and nobody ever answers. I'll let you know what happens as soon as I find out. Thanks again

2013-03-03 03:01:25

Locate the Same Service provider in your city and he will do rest of the job ....... otherwise give Legal Notice  to the Service providing company, B'coz they have charged you.

2013-03-03 03:01:25