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Consignee want to Jesttison cargo, How should I do

I'm an operation in logistic company. There is one shipment from Shenzhen, China to New york, USA by LCL The buyer asked me offer the door to door rate by DHL, and I got the booking from His shanghai branch. When the cargo delivery to our shenzhen office, the weight & volume is more than the supplier offered to me before. and He havn't weight the cargo. The buyer thought the rate is to high, and let me check the LCL rate to him. I offered LcL rate and mentioned the rate is for term Door to Port. And on my quotation, I wrote the ocean fee, ddc, customs clearance fee, export permit fee, Doc, pick up charges. The customs clearance fee: usd 54 /set is charged by shenzhen forwarder normally. The consingee confirmed this booking. I arranged delivery cargo to warehouse and customs clearance at once. On the next day after him conformed booking, I offered bill draft to his supplier confirm which shows the destinational agent details and tel no. and I offered the schedul & bill copy to consingee also. But after we stuffing the cargo to container. My USA agent call consignee about submit the ISF, and tried to explain the ISF should be submitted before vessel sailing.while my agent was rejected. The consignee said the rate is Door to Door, He dont' want to worry about any Paperwork. So the ISF is not submited in time. I send email to push him file the ISF again and again. He said he misunderstanding the rate, and claim the rate is to high for only sample goods and asked stop the shipment. The goods was on the sea already. How to stop it? I told him it is impossible, and ask him file ISF again. But he reply me he will not claim the cargo, give up it. I asked him send me the formal Letter of Jesttison with his sign, and mention he must take all the responsibility and all the destinational charges. He wouldn't like to send me the formal Letter and wouldn't like to take the responsibility. The booking party is the buyer's representative, and the office is not registered.

Posted on 2013-05-02 10:00:23

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ask the vessel to change the consigneer's name, that means change the consigneer instead of your agent in USA, first. After your agent get the cargo, and then inform the client if the client want this shipment, if he want, ask him to pay. If not, you can ask your agent to sell them directly in USA or send them back to you if you think it is value to do that.

2013-05-02 10:00:23