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Price per Unit

Hi I am confused as to the Price of items I am seeing on For example I see a Greenhouse for sale which says FOB USD 20~500 / Set This to me means "The prices vary from between $20 and $500 per unit, depending on how many you purchase" Am I wrong? What does this term "FOB USD 20~500 / Set" mean? thanks for your help Frances

Posted on 2013-05-17 22:00:18

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Hi Is it talking of inflatable greenhouse? I also make this product too. anyway, please let us explain your mentioned the cost as below.   FOB USD20~500/ set. greenhouse can make difference size as customer required. so it will caused the high price difference.  included the material thickness, size, color, ..etc...   base on the price FOB USD20~500/set.  Just a simple price reference.   Good Luck !              

2013-05-17 22:00:18

FOB USD 20~500 / Set" means  prices $20 for minimun and $500 for maximum.FOB means freight On Board which means that the supplier has to pay cost of freight upto the port.From the port ,all expences would be born by buyer.

2013-05-17 22:00:18