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Important thing is money, friendship important?

I am heavy friendship, not heavy money! But now there is no money in society is equal to nothing!!! I am no money, and often, and classmates or friends to play, I do not know why always rushing to give money to! Many students \ friends than I have money! I'm not the sort of well-known \ get power and prestige of the people, but whenever we spend time together, I'm always rushing to give money to! But I have a few very, very good friends! The kind of money does not exist affection! there is whenever I need, my friends and classmates will help me. I think so: to attach importance to money, and the feelings in the second (except family)

Posted on 2013-05-09 14:30:30

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Your approach is right. However, people in the community may not fully understand you, even you're a bit silly. But you should adhere to, not only of their friends to pay for more than friend to you to pay more. In fact, one day, when you're desperate, your friends should all his help in the. If they then chose to retreat, it only shows that your friend is not worth your treasure. But I'll give you gas. To have you as, I am willing to be your friend.

2013-05-09 14:30:30