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Tax problems?

The company registered a business city new branch, the specific mode of operation is such that white, branch offices leased to the pavement of the business, charge a monthly rent of commercial premises, what specific business operating independently by the business, the specific number of , the stall food, rich agricultural products, selling clothes, fruit, and the development corridor, public phones, cigarettes, retail, groceries and so on. The boss would like to apply for a business license only by our branch withholding tax, specific business is not for the business license, all right? Withholding also to the businesses to apply for business licenses ah, how to deal with this kind of thing?

Posted on 2013-05-09 14:30:30

All Answers

Your boss would like to do so, we must first coordinate and tax and business. Statistics from the mall you reported to the tax by households (some people off the tax inspection), the tax is based on store size, the number of business tax to the mall setting. Tax assessed to the mall and then head of the rental households. The Mall to pay their own sales tax and income tax. Here is one such set. The key is to coordinate with the tax!

2013-05-09 14:30:30