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What value-added tax votes in the general taxpayers, but also ordinary invoices, how taxes?

1. What value-added tax general taxpayer can open tickets, but also to open an ordinary invoice, how can one deductible? All at 17% deductible? I was a dealer, sales invoices, some written out by tax receipts, and some issue the general to the invoice, return all of the company after payment of 17% withholding tax, such an approach? I personally think we should issue VAT charged at 17%, 4% should be deducted general vote, right? 2. Company is how to deal with it? how tax?

Posted on 2013-05-09 15:01:15

All Answers

Your company for the general taxpayer, then: 1, Invoice party is the seller, whether open or ordinary invoices invoices, calculated according to 17% of output tax. 2, the so-called offset, is obtained when the purchase invoices after deduction of input tax. Invoices obtained by the tax invoice to be deductible (the tax rate is 17%). Purchase invoices when obtained without the normal invoice, input tax is not deductible. 3, the month's sales of taxable items less the amount of that month after month, the amount of proceeds. Other: 4% of small-scale business tax rate applicable to taxpayers, does not apply to the general taxpayers. Small-scale taxpayers can only use ordinary invoices. When the general taxpayers selling goods to small-scale taxpayers shall not issue special invoices.

2013-05-09 15:01:15