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The excess is for projects with tax-related vehicles and accounting issues

April 1 A real estate companies with their own Audi a6 used cars book value of 100 million, with the steel suppliers B Audi a4 used cars book value of the exchange of 50 million, the difference due to the excess is a steel B shall, to the April 25, a business is not accounted for the a4, but there is a compensation for construction companies to the C, the excess is priced 60 million for projects, and a name with a C signed a compensation for an agreement, ask the Tax and accounting transactions to be processed? ? Thank you

Posted on 2013-05-09 15:01:16

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Your question somewhat vague, difficult to accurately answer the following reasons: 1, the Audi A6 as a fixed asset management, the original price and accumulated depreciation are clear, accurate accounting difficult. 2, the Audi A4 is also facing the problem, and B there is a barter between the two companies the tax treatment of the problem. 3, a price will be 60 million to a compensation for A4 to C Company, has more than 50 million value added tax should be levied. 4, B A4 car was received by the Company as the 60 million for projects, but also involves the construction of business tax and accounting treatment of fixed assets purchased. For these reasons, it is difficult to accurately answer your question, I hope elaborate in order to answer the question.

2013-05-09 15:01:16