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Consult a financial problem

I am a man raising three people, but more stable income, I finished the three gold and living expenses deduction each month there after about 2500, the son of the living expenses in addition to his wife, but also there is no cost, it's easy to buy a million copies of the base currency , the stock market in the fifty thousand left 25,000, bought a million copies of Bo losses when the stock funds are also selected, his wife the year 1300 to pay pension insurance, the son of the educational year 1030 to pay insurance (nine years immediately a), the house has but a bit small, even the money I can save 20,000 a year or so, I set a plan, that is 1,500 yuan per month bank deposit on a regular basis, get together next year after the expiration or one year, plans exist ten years, (then children from attending college), I do not know the method please? Please help me to make recommendations, thank you!!

Posted on 2013-05-09 15:01:16

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Your top priority is to build your own scheme, because you are the only breadwinner of the family to protect the amount of your mortgage balance override (if any) and at least another 6 years to provide cost of living in the family to accidents, medical (depending on your situation of social health insurance), term life insurance, and other major diseases, regular or pure life insurance consumer, the savings due consideration to participating money fund than the major risks, and stay home for 6 months out of the amount of expenditure on the currency as a reserve fund Fund, the rest can easily be converted to monthly income side of the short bond funds, stocks and stock funds to consider first, keep regular fixed monthly savings investment in equity funds, net debt in the allocation of funds and the IMF suggest that you look for his wife jobs

2013-05-09 15:01:16