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Dynamic selection can Changsheng dividends it?

Friend introduced me from the bank bought the fund, but has been down, forcing me to handle every day the fund of knowledge, one year, I have a feeling, as if the fund manager is really not very good business, there is a species but not in the service for investors in the Company's some people driven by the interests of the investments. Because after the bank buys a large shareholder exit, had not I would not buy them. Sincerely hope that my view is not true, and will not lose a family property overturned, for me, as much as the tsunami happened.

Posted on 2013-05-09 15:01:16

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Your views are right, not linked to performance fees managers do not understand the truth can not be hungry for the service! Tell you: the first generation of hungry gray fine morning had evaporated off, sleeping mat off the second generation are left unattended to play 5-6, the third generation is filled with red pieces and the name of the more fancy getting longer and longer, the fourth generation has not dare to mention in the stock market turned to the bond market it! Early stopped, and indemnities out, is still not have healthy air, and no tsunami so serious only when the pay tuition!

2013-05-09 15:01:16