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I put all the money to my parents is right or wrong?

My parents treated me well, but my two sisters to me is not good, from small to large with the two sisters I do not have is emotional, I love my parents, I put all the money to my parents, but in the end I find the money I gave them my two sisters have all been deceived, I should also continue his own money to my parents it?

Posted on 2013-05-09 15:01:16

All Answers

You're a good boy! Money to the parents spend a good thing, but take it to your sister is not good! After all you do to make money to their parents after the flowers! Their own to stay a little! Parents took your money and certainly not willing to spend to help you there! You can have more practical things to their parents, their own money to save! Or secretly to the parents and the parents said to be good! As for your sister there. After all, is also the biological sister. There is no blood relationship between emotion, energy and good, not as much as possible and good, can not, then keep an eye it was! But no matter what the parents have for their own better! Buy more useful things to the parents it!

2013-05-09 15:01:16