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I just see the "host accounting" What is the role of accounting? ? ? ?

Additional charge of accounting issues and what is the difference? ? ?

Posted on 2013-05-09 15:01:16

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job responsibilities organized accounting financial accounting regulations in accordance with national accounting requirements and industry, combined with the company characteristics, the company responsible for developing accounting rules and specific provisions related to work, to organize the implementation after approval by the leadership. Participate in the formulation of financial planning, auditing, analysis, monitoring budget and financial plan implementation. under the leadership of the Minister, accurate and timely accounting and billing work to do, correctly accounting, fill in and audit the accounting documents, record ledger and general ledger, payments and receipts of funds and securities, acceptance, delivery , change and use of fund assets and fund balance for accounting changes. correct calculation of income, expenses and costs, the correct calculation and processing of financial results, specifically responsible for the preparation of company monthly and annual accounting statements, annual accounts and notes that the accounting and profit distribution accounting work. responsible for the financial management of fixed assets, provision for depreciation of fixed assets on a monthly basis right, regular or irregular working capital verification organization. responsible for tax calculation, declaration and remit the work to help authorities to carry out financial audit and annual inspection. responsible for accounting oversight. According to regulations of the costs, expenses and the standard range, review the original certificate of legality, legitimacy and authenticity, the audit costs were incurred in the examination and approval procedures match the company requirements. responsible for the purchasing power of social groups to review and approval work. timely manner accounting documents, account books, statements and other accounting data collection, compilation, archive and other accounting records management work. the initiative to conduct analysis and evaluation of accounting information to the leaders to provide timely, reliable financial information and recommendations related to work. departments to assist the House to do the work of Ministers, Minister of Finance to complete other tasks assigned by.

2013-05-09 15:01:16