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How far will USD depreciate?

I see it's all way RMB is appreciating upon USD. We suffering great loss from this. It's here any one know how far this situation will go, and is here any possibility it gets recovered?

Posted on 2014-05-14 11:00:31

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The trend seems to keep high for sometime..... No real signs of USD appreciating highly..... regular exporters do forward booking dont they.......... u could have done that too a very helpful stuff.......

2014-05-14 11:00:31

I dont think it would fall below 5% from current price, that the normal currency market fluctuations. If it falls below that then we would see the world changing it would be a economy Tsunami.   US govt would do every thing to keep its value, they had been doing for more than a century and would continue to do so. For sometime we had Euro giving compition to USD, but now Euro its seems to be in danger.   No reason for USD to come down even if we have second round of Recession, Oil standing above $100 a barrel would ensure USD is always in demand.   Most the individual currency value would depened on their own economy,  so you should look more at your own contry's economy and also with the currency of the coutry you are dealing with. ( eg Yan is a regulated currency so pricing would be constant,  Yen or Euro are not regulated and can change on daily basis)   I think if I can really understand how the currency market works,  I would be better do a Trade in Currency rather than any stock or any other product or service.   Do worry, be happy !   Cheers! Modified by Rajeev Rumale on 06-03-2011 09:46

2014-05-14 11:00:31

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2014-05-14 11:00:31