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Pressure off the company when the department Web site, how can I do?

We do e-commerce, or is engaged in network marketing knows, our sales results, depends largely on the well-known, popular point that, that is, exposure of the. Companies have corporate website, Alibaba also has portal. I e-commerce, while also up for an account of Ali Baba, but it is free, also very limited. Today, a search in Baidu, a lot of our appliances, I actually took precedence over the department's website corporate website wow. How this can be done? In previous companies out of such a situation, people search our client, to search all my

Posted on 2013-02-14 23:31:29

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Yeah how do not quite understand what the Department's website pressure off our website, are you out another e-commerce sector in the promotion of the site or when to contact the department phones may leave your department is your contact phone is not the time to promote the sales department to stay , outside the chain link does not do the second page is a direct link to your department's sub-page, so you do not know if it was not their own to promote their companies to engage with the gang of the Well, the company said if your job is to promote your department then there is nothing to say about it, just link to whatever website the department's website home page, and if the company's Web site also includes the promotion of the company that may do more to strengthen the promotion of Web site

2013-02-14 23:31:29