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Question about the file

I am a contract employee with the state-owned enterprises, training in Beijing, accounts and files have been moved over, but I do not want done here, I know this is my default, there go my colleagues told me that if take the file, then you must pay the penalty, this is what I currently can not afford, can I file it will keep long? how the legal provisions in this regard? If I will soon go into another company you must file ? hope more people in the industry to be answered, thank you!

Posted on 2014-07-27 01:00:42

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It should be said, you do not pay the penalty, file your return you will not be state-owned enterprises, especially large state-owned enterprises, to some of the talent market is also easy to handle, it is not unreasonable within the state-owned enterprises, they generally are subject to a higher level document , do not take into account what the local laws of some, if you go to another company file to work best to do a good job. This justifiably the, generally small companies regardless files, large companies file is necessary.

2014-07-27 01:00:42