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I go from here

I am a marketing graduate from college students, for various reasons, I gave up reincarnation of this opportunity. I am 20 years old and would like some battles in society, but parents have wanted me to father's factory Lian An steadily through life. Father's factory in our city on the famous, good economic returns, and our family in the factory, the work is very convenient. But I am not willing to go, not to mention my boyfriend is about to graduate next year, we want together, but not contrary to the wish of their parents. I am very worried ... do not know how to do ... hope you pointing

Posted on 2014-07-27 01:00:42

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It wants you to go out battles, anyway, to open their own factories, but also get away, want to come back when it wants in return

2014-07-27 01:00:42