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If you are working or at other times been hurt you will revenge

If you're at work or at other times was hurt, but life is very serious you will not forget, either after you have achieved a few years so you get back at him when you

Posted on 2014-07-27 01:00:42

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It was not hard to retaliate, the society people too much pressure, weight injuries of their own people, really clear that in mind, but we have to be sensible some, hurt others, just like the nail in the wood taken out will have scars? Do not hurt others, you do not worry about other people revenge, the truth is too simple. If you hurt someone else, please take the initiative to tell you the error, it may be enemies become friends, do not wait and then regret it when you were old, nice people around you, it may be due to competition and fame, it could be Zhengkou Qi, human life only a dream, not to make dreams a nightmare. Friends Good luck!

2014-07-27 01:00:42