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May I ask who can provide me with "Flirting Scholar" Baihu the period of singing, thank you

What is there to have a flat field at home, living boundless music, period

Posted on 2014-07-27 21:08:59

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The villains live in side the city of Suzhou, the home field in another house, life music boundless. Who would have thought that Flirting, he arrogant unflinchingly, and there is day of official collusion, accounting for a big house I take my field. My grandfather with him fell out, to fight against what he Yigun flat, my grandmother scolded him bully good people, anti-Tang was arrested and brought into his government homes, raped a hundred times, ah, a hundred times! ah ~ finally she Xuanliangzijin, grudge world ... ... He will also be my Master, expelled from their homes, living on the river bank, I paid old-age father, only begging in front of the temple alone. Who would have thought that Flirting, he is too sinister, knowing this situation, actually sent people to plot against, to My son Kuangou in the city before! music villain is still robust, residual life was retained, his poor father, Soul God! father for the sake of burial, only sold themselves into slavery, from the insult. side of the ground to make money, one side reading difficulties, swear to fame was, Shouren enemy is a will, ah, poetry from Tang Yin side, I bear in mind that sworn enemies.

2014-07-27 21:08:59