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The New Year, MM in their dress, what is the good ideas? Want to learn about

Fast New Year, buy new clothes, new ones like weather, you have to point proposal MM. :) Boys are also welcome suggestions, I think the boys are sometimes quite good taste.

Posted on 2014-07-27 21:12:15

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Theme: sentiment fashion. Fun general trend: in 2006 the international fashion industry trend can be summed up in two words --- simple, growing tired of the hustle and bustle of city life are numerous, simple, restrained life, respected by everyone began to stand. Enjoy the spirit of an emphasis on the level of optimism, progressive season. Spiritual and cultural connotations of pleasure will be the most fashionable of the most dazzling in the bright glittering Wei Yu, bright, charming, refreshing color into fashion. Light, fluffy, spironolactone, to create a comfortable living atmosphere. Fine, fine, elegant taste of the table speed the maturity of spirit. Between natural and man-made in the pursuit of the distillation of green, healthy authentic. Romantic sensational publicity, interpretation of alternative, avant-garde, disorderly happy. Diversification of heavy work in a free, multi-structure, multi-technology innovation, display like dill magic charm. Taste of the holidays easily to mind the negative people redundant from the peak in the redemption, and debauchery, to tired to find a gentle spirit, pondering in, relax, rest Yin, Tao Ran, self. Color fleeing strife and repeated power, fresh space to escape the noise, joyous and free of blame in the cosmetic case of the bright vibrant colors of milk yellow, pale light green, light blue gray, pale mouse gray, white, light silver gray, camel and other new neutral gray color, easily charming, refreshing, cat, like a stream of pure spring breeze was blowing through, so that people in a relaxed and romantic among the gray world of beauty and appreciation. A legacy of the black past is so beautiful although not as good as, but fur in color and fashion trends with the charm still unabated. Fabric of natural, easy, gentle style. Cavity natural and imitation fur special order to bring natural light, soft waxy feel. Lavish and elegant mink, velvet rat skin, fox and other fur. Light Skin to imitation luxury, lizard skin, crocodile skin points, Haw Par skin ... .... Ultra soft leather island after the co-spinning color fabric and leather carving. Bulky, soft, full of double-sided brushed fabric. Luxurious nap mohair coat it. Yu warmth of cashmere fleece, denim, suede and plush fabric served together. Soft, fine cotton denim, small canvas casual fabrics. Basket of colored leather knot yarn, fancy yarn tweed fabrics and terry. Enzyme treatment of the super soft thick corduroy. Valuables cotton / cashmere, cashmere / soybean fiber of cashmere / TenceI seal material. Smooth waxy cotton fancy twisted wire, twisted wire warm plush, furry fabric. Experience elegant collision shocks the winter fashion trends, the world, China, the nation, exotic ... ... natural, artificial, chemical, clear sky ... ... the people in a different fashion factor in the multiple collision and the mixing of new material in to experience the elegant atmosphere of fun. Color with exotic charm of Rose and coffee brown, the trend in the world flow of clear ground collision is still being re-activated, side by side give birth to new and unique lotus purple and smooth, tender camel brown. Elegant, beautiful color Zhi Shang, loudly singing the purple song Ya invasion of life. Exquisite fabrics, sophisticated look with a natural nobility of the luster. Soft, thin waxy, smooth feel of quality to bring pleasure. Natural calm of the cotton / wool, cotton / linen, cotton / hemp blend fabrics clean appearance of the spinning poplin, oxford, chambray, light cotton satin fabric. Classic wool gentleman. Fort surface of knitted fabric from the needle. Lyocell, Modal, R, ichcel new solder jeanette PTT, T400, Spontax Ying muscle stretch velvet material sense of the cotton / elastic knitted seamless Nigeria. Thin delicate fabric of fancy yarn. Expanded Silkworm anti-wrinkle stretch silk fabrics. Enjoy a healthy and natural - artificial, secular - Magic, from nature, changing the nature, beyond nature. Development of high technology, so that people in the surprise high-tech, green care and affection in the human nature to enjoy the health interest in life. Color with a sense of ecological awareness quietly rising blue-green, natural, fresh, modern and mysterious; deep sense of mystery metal light silver, copper texture of green and gray, and black and blue sense of color science and technology is creating a vague montage flashing colors atmosphere prince Yu. Material filling the green, healthy qualities of high-tech natural, care of a sense of functional fabrics. Nano-anion fiber and fabric features self-cleaning nano-wool / Tencel / linen blend fabric spinach roll. Participation sheet rock fabric Coolm ~ x Coolplus Coololry sweat mixed with high suction seal material. Viloft, clear polyvinyl chloride fiber with high thermal properties of wafers. Dyeability corona conductive fabric. Teflon-three finishing fabrics of cotton, wool Yu Modal, Bamboo fibre woven fabric. Lyocell cellulose fibers and other new Chitcel, Amicor, Seacell fiber and other new anti-bacterial fabric. Romantic portrait of an alternative theme, want to find a free space in the song and laughter, but it is also provocative, tough, rebellious and humorous fusion, demonstrating the kind of wild, weird, Front Street's artistic style. Colors yellow, green, metal turmeric, sky blue, red, orange, red, Jiangzi other bright color and a bit of simple active and even imperfect style, modernism, brought a futuristic laser show, magic Smart modern magic and free style. Avant-garde fabrics, fancy, sport appearance. Colorful fancy yarn tweed. Gauze pieces of color moldings, intermittent, roving bar, color knot yarn, terry fabric. Fancy yarn, color yarn with fabric. Mention India, Black Eagle, to mention bad combination, hot stamping, three-dimensional Embossed corduroy. Light fibers, flash paint, wire, brass, bronze surface texture of the gold jacquard printed fabric mix. Foam printing fabrics. Embedded sequins and other metallic fabrics. Knitted indigo, silk Symphony, AB yarn color point stretch denim. Photosensitive, thermal color printing fabrics. Abstract floral, geometric changes, effects of colorful striped fabric.

2014-07-27 21:12:15