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Sparsely a Chinese surname

My name is thick but my Jiazu people, but have not heard saw the name of the Qing Dynasty moved to our fathers, Liaoning, and the origin of this name do not know why I always ask people who have no knowledge of why this name is not In the Book of Family Names on it?

Posted on 2014-07-27 23:10:59

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Thick s: Rites of wood after Tan Gong, Zheng Note: "After the wood, Luxiao Gong Bo Gong Hui after the child." Shu Shi cited this as "the duke of Health Peter Hui Ge, followed by thick's." "Lu" hear the Micro mouth Zhao Bo and GAO note: "mouth's, Bo-Hua Lu Xiaogong even after sub-Hui, a word's." Hua, leather, Gong, shaped similar to the error. Mouth Zhaobo see Zuo Zhao Nian Wu years. Ancient and modern human form as a thick Han Zhao Bo, the five elements and for the latter's blog. Xiang Zuo Zhuan thick fourteen years as Uncle, interpretation goes: '"thick" or as the "mouth." 'Customs posts have also been made through the reputation of "post." , The thick, mouth and through. \u923C?Duo by: Jing Yi Shu Wen nineteenth Wang Yin said: 'Zhao twenty-five years by rumors of a quarter of mouth, mouth's those two words, those two words mouth Zhao Bo, Sun mouth those four words, "mouth" words are as a "post." Yuan and Su Tung cited surname compile said: "Luda Fu mouth Zhaobo food collected in the mouth, due to Yan's." After the Sun had been wrong the "after" for the mouth-eup, the "mouth." Food collected in the mouth by Shu Sun, not after the s as well. 'Yun:' Lu Spring and Autumn the Micro Review: "Lu Jishi and Post's cock," now the "after" for "mouth", later changed according to the customs of the Zuo also. According to note the "s word", then as a "post" Ming carry on. 'Wang said that, the mouth pass, missing test. Hou Rong Geng was born in 1943, Shandong Lingxian people. 1964 collection, album, "China Youth Daily" and "Youth Message" small part of the collection there are two; 1985 sets of various types of information the newspaper, is possession of two thousand items. Editor of (Information album) a small TV for collection. Hou Yu-An Male, born in March 1944. He graduated from the school in Yinchuan machine, Chinese medicine, five elements of God, now director of the Institute of vinegar, the Chinese Society of balance acupuncture Sunburn older members of the Committee. Main results: invented the "Five Elements method of making vinegar," won the national invention patent, a number of articles were included on the "phenomenological essence of traditional Chinese medicine", "New Theory of hundreds of Chinese and Western", "New Theory of Chinese Medicine," and so on.

2014-07-27 23:10:59