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Thinking of how to write mission reports

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Posted on 2014-07-27 23:11:00

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Thinking of reporting writing (-) to write the purpose and significance of thought required to report to join the party comrades to make a better understanding of their own party to accept training and supervision of party organizations, party organizations should actively report on their own initiative, learning and work. This is the organization develop their own ideas, effective way to raise their political consciousness. The best learning situation according to report regularly to the party ideology. Party organizations in order to facilitate a more comprehensive and systematic understanding of the mental state of an application to join the party workers to promote thought to write a written report. Of course, you can also make an oral report. (B) to report the contents of the ideological thinking of report writing, a combination of their own learning, work and life, to reflect their true party state of mind. Details of each person's different circumstances. If the party's basic knowledge of the basic theory of Marxism and the study has been harvested, they can be reported in the form of thought, will learn to understand, improve thinking and understanding and a new awareness of the existence problem of unclear instructions to the party; such as the party's line, principles, policies, or a period of what the central tasks of the view that in the thinking of reporting in their attitudes, to clarify their views; if participated in important events or to learn some important articles, can make myself education written by the party; in case of major political events at home and abroad, will have to improve by learning understanding of the nature of the event, clear-cut its stance to the party; as in their personal everyday life experience interests with collective interests, national interests come into conflict problem, you can put what they have ideas, how to deal with and handle reporting to the party; order to make their own party organizations understand the latest thinking of the situation, to put their own ideas conditions, with what progress, what problems and plan for future improvements such as clearly written report ... ... the last part of the thinking can write their own party's request and hope for if they want to party organizations to strengthen the training and education of their , so that the direction of future efforts. (C) to write ideas should pay attention to the problem was first reported, thought the real thinking of reporting should be revealed, the most important thing is real, should not empty words, cliches, lies, superficial; Second, write reports should be based on different periods of ideological thinking state of knowledge, focusing on the experience and profound understanding of one or two aspects of the talk about deep penetration, do not list many aspects of the general nature; again, to write ideas reported close contact with their ideas to reality, not long large section of land copied constitution, reports, speeches and newspaper articles leading content, to prevent formalism; Finally, writing reports to be realistic thinking, doing their own evaluation into two, not only to their own growth and progress for sure, but also to identify the existence of The lack of courage to expose the shortcomings and problems of party organizations. Party can not simply thinking of reporting the number of times a positive measure of whether a person close to the party, but asked to join the party people, often, thinking of its own initiative is to strengthen the party organizations to report contact with the party, strengthen the concept of an organization effective way, therefore, the applicant party shall actively own initiative report on party ideology. Dear Party: Since I attended the University of Amateur Party School, accepted the party's education, and systematic understanding of the party's history, nature, goals, party-building purposes, organization and basic knowledge of organizational principles. To work, through continuous learning and practice, so that the level of my party had a better understanding of the improvement, further understanding of the Party's basic line, principles and policies of the true meaning. So I'm at work, study, and other aspects of life have a more clear direction and goals, and more convinced that the ultimate goal of the Communist Party - the communist social system will be realized. Now I will be loyal, honest report to the party's recent work, learning, thinking and other aspects. I always thought that a person in society to achieve his life values, the effort must continue to work hard, create wealth for society. Efforts can not be blind, must have the right of direction. For joining the Communist Party of China, under the leadership of the party for the realization of communism, serve the people wholeheartedly, that I had in high school clear direction in life. After university studies, I further strengthened this belief. To work since I keep to this goal is to spur and encourage ourselves, to make their own work and always maintain the confidence and drive. Although the audit work and college finance and accounting professionals have learned the requirements of the knowledge structure is somewhat different, as I initially had some difficulty in the audit. But I do not be discouraged or despair, but with an open mind to ask my colleagues, and professional books in his spare time studying, to study and pay attention to the accumulation of experience. I soon familiar with the business, able to bear the audit statistics, reporting audit information, engineering and auditing work. Together with colleagues in the auditing of commitment, economic responsibility audit work has been recognized and praised the leadership of Council. I think the only way to work hard, help in the field, in order to further improve their ability to work, reflect the party "serving the people wholeheartedly" purposes. I work in a very extraordinary position, not as many famous scientists, politicians do something grand and spectacular as big business, but I have always believed that ordinary jobs can be on the same light, heat. The key is that we are able to adhere to the belief that individuals, whether to keep hard working attitude. Work did not forget to learn, to study alongside their work, I am in favor of this view, and have always done so. At this point, I sit in his spare time undergraduate accounting section of self-examination, has passed the half of the subjects. Actively accept the Council or the provincial bureau organized a series of training: such as office automation, financial audit theory and practice, infrastructure and auditing. Through learning and practice, I have basically mastered the Windows 98, Word 97, Excel 97 and other system software operation, and to deepen the knowledge of network infrastructure and Internet understanding and application. Audit work to further improve the theoretical level and system knowledge, practical skills. The actual work of great help to greatly improve efficiency. In addition, I often read about the professional magazines, newspapers, such as "Shanghai Accounting", "ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT" and so on. The main purpose of learning is to enrich theoretical knowledge of their business to keep himself in the rapidly developing information society behind, able to work a greater potential to play their own, and constantly improve the professional level and quality of work, more responsive enterprise development. Work and study course, the important, but to ensure that both goals can be in the right direction and we must continue to strengthen ideological and political training. To work since, in addition to learning from the party constitution, I often read about party building, History and deeds of members of books and newspapers, continue to strengthen the party's line, principles, policies, awareness and understanding. Through continuous training to strengthen the ideological and political, so I'm learning all aspects of work and have a greater power, more explicit work and study purposes, and not blind; so I can be the wave of reform and opening to distinguish between good and bad , and evil; consciously resist the decadent ideology of Western capitalism erosion occurred on the one thousand nine hundred ninety-nine years several large political events have a clear understanding of right and consciously resist against the bad sense to establish a correct life - communist values of life, it is the people's interests as the center, the values of selfless dedication to society. These are my work, study, thought and other aspects of reporting, in order to be able to, as always, continue its efforts to do better, I am determined to do: to serve people of good will with their own work unified; to unify the spirit of serving the people with the truth; commitment to serving the people with excellent business skills unite to work harder to do their jobs. Please further test my party. Sincerely join the party and join the league almost all written above is for reference only

2014-07-27 23:11:00