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Accounting Self subjects which specific

I am a specialist in Chengdu college sophomore, accounting major, you want to access through the Self undergraduate degree, have the opportunity to continue their studies, does the accounting profession under the specific subjects which of Self door? Test subjects is the country or to a school uniform? Junior basically does not commence, so would like to take this time to study after graduation, etc. Self is considered now to be considered good or better? For everyone's help and support!

Posted on 2014-07-27 23:11:01

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This group can be added 19101431, ah, to know Self! Counseling Course Code Number Course Credits 10,058 20,150 Marketing Theory and Practice of Financial Auditing 40,158 30,160 50,159 Asset Assessment 60149 Advanced Financial Accounting Theory and Practice of International Trade and Accounting System 70 162 80 161 Financial Statement Analysis (a) 90,051 Computer Application Management System

2014-07-27 23:11:01