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Four bodies are grass Dictionary scribe seal worth?

"Four-body seal is attached grass Dictionary", compiled Chen and Cheung, 1926, Shanghai Shi Shan Fang sweeping leaves print. Book is arranged according to radicals, with the regular script for the prefix, with straight or tangential phonetic sound, indicating the four tones, a simple interpretation. After each word is grass scribe seal out four characters, block taken from rubbings, taken from the famous ink cursive script, official script taken from Hanbei, Seal taken from "Dictionary" and antiquities, and to indicate the source one by one. Change the font before the book discusses the "Origins of the text," and "radicals seized the word," and "difficult words Checklist." Attach a "celebrity ink," "Celebrity couplets", "Taishi Shek Kwu", "Zhong Dingwen" each one, the grass is ready scribe seal four characters, for reference.

Posted on 2014-07-27 23:33:52

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This may be a photocopy version, things do not look ah can not just suggest that you get to the price of the market makes palm palm ancient eyes, remember that the real price is the price he gave 150% to 250%

2014-07-27 23:33:52

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