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How to do a small business warehouse manager

I learned in school is electronic commerce, could not find a counterpart of the work, to a warehouse,,, now that the pressure is relatively large, have no clue what happened.

Posted on 2014-07-28 00:36:51

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To do a warehouse manager hard? I think it is not difficult. 1. To be familiar with warehouse storage of materials, like the names of each unit, storage location and quantity. 2. To understand the characteristics of the material properties, such as which is sensitive to heat cold, and other areas of their treatment. 3. For the safekeeping of valuables but also to 4. Do every day out of the warehouse records, into a single, out there by not IOUs procedures must be complete 5. More and related personnel communication, understanding their needs, that is to meet their reasonable demands they can not violate company rules! 6. The most important thing is the carrying amount and the actual stock available must be equal as long as the obedient Oh, you will feel this job is very easy

2014-07-28 00:36:51