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You think I should quit?

Tianjin, a company first came to work, less than a month. Companies in the zone every day to work there's shuttle, 9:00 to go to work, night work overtime almost every day to 8 points. Company dormitory very far from the city, go back to only watch TV. I graduate, wanted to work with to be able to learn a little more professional about things, after all, things feel too little in school, but came to the company after the training did not, let alone someone can teach you, come Let me start the first day of work, and then the extra work that day. And all the employees of the company to work overtime are normal things, in addition to supervisor and vice president. Let me worried is that this law of life and the environment, nothing to eat hard, work with the professional relationship I can not accept, the terrible life is monotonous and narrow circle of life. Only a day contact with colleagues, and all of the opposite sex, there is no common language. I aspire to every day life has its own time after work, shopping, reading, watching movies, looking for students and so on. But now let me confined to the living quarters and the company in two places, if you want to go to other places from the hostel, we must take the bus or the only two dozen, even a supermarket nearby did not. Work experience you have friends, we can give you my point of view. I am a good brain disorder. If you have a general wage, but the work place in the urban area, I would resolutely decided to leave. Do you think it is.

Posted on 2014-07-28 01:19:05

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To work is like this, will encounter many practical problems. I am a good brain disorder. If you have a general wage, but the work place in the urban area, I would resolutely decided to leave. You are now facing difficulties, or unhappy, for a city job to round solution? If so, nor is it can not change jobs. But true to the city you will encounter new difficulties and troubles, and then continue to change jobs. That growth has brought experience. To work there will encounter problems like these! The problem is not you is not always difficult to change jobs to escape. But recognize that they, themselves in the end what kind of work. Want to work for their own problems plague those who are not afraid of you. To really enjoy a job that you say the problem is not what it is. The key you still do not like. But just graduated to choose their own new work requirements must be reduced. Through the exercise to achieve their goals. This is what every person must face reality. I hope you can achieve an early and satisfactory.

2014-07-28 01:19:04

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