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Seek toast

Chinese New Year, to reunion dinners. Just my uncle (66 years) birthday, on this occasion. I should have said what toast it? Can be birthday, but also New Year?

Posted on 2014-07-28 01:19:05

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Toast is my mother's birthday, first of all, on behalf of my mother and family to attend the birthday party of relatives and friends of you a warm welcome and deep appreciation. My mother often brought her the good sisters, she says proudly, very familiar camel, told me: my sister, your aunt is. . . . . In that work, Er Yi is. . . . , Sanyi. . . . . We sisters get along how good Dengdeng how many, many, when I heard these when I am particularly pleased to feel that although I work in the field, not their parents, but they have so many sisters Huxiang help and encourage each other and support each other, happy to share with everyone, difficult to share with everyone in such a good environment and atmosphere in which they must return to have been very happy, very happy children we do feel very at ease. So, that first glass of wine I would like to suggest common toast, a toast to our family, let us wish for our relatives and friends more and more concentrated, enduring, endless, from generation to generation forever! Although I have to work, the mother's heart I can not always be children who grow up in for me to worry about everything, all the time, for me, mother of the child's eyes will never grow old, the eyes of a child in the mother never grow up. Mothers and children are the most selfless, the son of a greeting in the distance, a blessing, you can always joy and happiness to the mother, the mother of a thousand words each, are to see their sons grow up to be healthy. Maternal love, a noble love, this love is giving, not asking for any motherly love is like a lofty mountain, deep like the sea, pure like white clouds, selfless like field, I deeply appreciate my mother's body to such a selfless love. So, that second glass of wine here I respect most of you respect and admiration for his mother. Children worry about the parent bank is said that thousands of miles, the mother child step concern the expression will never be enough words, I hope you can understand the love of our hearts. The last glass of wine to get down to business, back to today's theme, once again my heartfelt wishes for my mother a happy birthday, may you always be happy in the years to come will never be healthy well-being, the fact that your heart and good luck, Oh and then change to change their

2014-07-28 01:19:05

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