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More familiar with the property management's Friends, please come take a look

If relatively simple words to sum a large shopping mall property management, how broad should it? ? We first asked at the meeting today, "We are property management companies in the large shopping mall, this little effect" when there is not even a few people have come up very comprehensive answer, I answered something like, "We are the steward," you ask about a large shrimp, such an answer right?

Posted on 2014-07-28 02:10:17

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Very general answer. Speaking in general terms: We are God! When you hear these words, when everyone will look at you, you have to continue to say: God created the "Ten Commandments" to restrain people's words and deeds, in order to allow people to live better. God created the world and to maintain the normal operation of the world, everyone must follow the law, the only way to better this world will exist, of course, nothing is perfect, someone does not follow the rules, we task is to allow people to follow our rules. Why do I say? Because our purpose is to serve the owners of service. Of course, we still have to pay attention to the ways and means, and I said I think they should have to adapt to all the service industries. This is a new business philosophy, I do not think about it very carefully, but if you look carefully and then complete the words of this idea. I think you will succeed! Oh, do not forget little brother developed a ~ ~ ~

2014-07-28 02:10:17

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