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Fell in love with a married man, a good help ah, help me please!

Never dreamed that I would fall in love with a married man and have children, still can not put down and his feelings, because we really love each other. But now before us is the best and he will soon hand to sell the house he and his wife, and divorce formalities. Now the biggest headache is that I do not know right now that should tell my parents, and his thing? Never said before, I'm afraid that if the family does not agree that he is not white sell the house but also divorced, when a little way out were gone? He was in fact very difficult to give me a happy man, but I do not know why I just love him, he said, after selling the house to my house to live in an old house, and I live together. I'm really upset that he did not sell should also not told me before the formalities of his family and after that thing or the other? I, and he insisted in the end it? This is what I want to love? Questions added: In fact, tell the truth, I really also do not understand his feelings, but always feel really love him! Otherwise, why a separate kind of painful to feel! My biggest headache now is to sell him before getting a divorce and family say, wait for the family after that! When should I say? I was afraid he sold the house after not retreat, but fear the family did not agree. I now say it? This is a matter before us, you give me some advice which is placed in front of the thing, you give me some advice? (To add that he and his wife is not feeling indeed, he said he had lost hope of his

Posted on 2014-07-28 02:34:58

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We can come to a simple empathy, you have thought about if one day you and he are together, but there are also kind of a woman involved in your life, how he would do, in fact, your question is difficult to answer, everyone has a cupboard, but we can tell you love him, but he does, what you pay for? of us can help you with the idea only can bless you.

2014-07-28 02:34:58