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One side is close to the wholesale market can do Taobao, the other side is the high commission's operational work, how do I choose?

I live near is a wholesale market, the commodity lot, I always wanted to Taobao, easy getting goods here, but now in the company to do business, the boss in January 2000 valued basic salary plus commission of 50% net profits, selling clothing models racks props. Tangled ah ~! In addition the company more than an hour at home is also crowded bus, to work very hard. 've Been tangled. Two are just starting to do business started more than 3 months, performance slowly rising, Taobao is the beginning, but more than six months, and we have not done, but the prospects of Taobao know how to choose a broad ~ ah ~!

Posted on 2013-02-14 23:31:29

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Would like to open Taobao, but funds are a problem, just out of the house who had no money, and now a furniture factory to make purchases, found that it is really hard to do procurement, wages are less. Tangled in the clothes I wanted to do, at the stands, online sales during the day, I also have to discuss with her husband, but he does not support, say that the children grew up, need money. Do not waste time and be profitable to do those things, but I really want to start, I think the condition is now open Taobao, set up a stall is the most appropriate initial stage, the pressure I also do business Taobao I work out at both ends is also very good

2013-02-14 23:31:29

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