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I am graduating college is to run a business or find someone to work a steady income?

I am a graduating college students, family situation is not good, so I have to realize their dreams can be described as difficult, so I am willing to challenge themselves within a weak character, and the accumulation of venture capital: It is now placed in front of me there are two ways: The first, of a small communications Guanchiguanzhu agents, running the business, the salary of the second 1000, a large state-owned electronics factory Guanchiguanzhu, workers, the basic salary of 1400-2650 in the end I choose which one it?

Posted on 2013-02-14 23:31:29

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If I were you, I would choose to run a business. Two jobs, you have solved the problem of entering the basic survival of society. The key is you want for their future to be a good career, take a good first step. Running the business, you can reach more people, a relatively comprehensive training opportunities, to challenge the weak of character within you to inspire your career survival instincts. To communicate with more people contacts, have more mind to try to figure out, to think abstractly, in the constant chance, it was found bound, good at summing up each step forward, you will be successful. Large state-owned enterprises to do away workers, your ability and ambition will annihilate in this sea of humanity, to do technical workers received training, and doing business is different, the factory's political, you will quickly erase the edges and corners. Come on! I wish you well.

2013-02-14 23:31:29

 large state-owned electronics factory Guanchiguanzhu, workers, the basic salary of 1400-2650...choose this till your conditions improve,..give the elders a good life life..   cheers..

2013-02-14 23:31:29