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How to make your own life?

Life need to plan, companies need to plan, planners do not understand, can not understand may quicken power is truth. Planning is we all need a person's success, business success is far hard work paid several times more than the common people; also

Posted on 2013-02-14 23:31:29

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Life need to plan, companies need to plan, planners do not understand, can not understand may quicken power is truth. Planning is we all need a person's success, business success is far hard work paid several times more than the common people; is not hard, seriously out to be successful, work hard and give the result of hard work, is not from the open planning. Therefore, we have to do for my own life a life planning book Thorn. Introduction In today's era of competition for talent, career planning started to become a battle for the people, another important tool. For businesses, how to reflect the company's human resources people-oriented concept, concerned about the concept of employee talent, attention to the continued growth of staff, career planning is an effective means; and for everyone, professional life is limited, if not effective planning, will inevitably lead to waste of life and time. As college students, if with a bewildered, into the crowded community to meet the needs of the community how to make their own place? Therefore, I try to set for itself a career planning, good design will be about their future. With the goal, will have power. I am a self-inventory of contemporary undergraduates, (usually) is the largest family to become useful, outgoing, cheerful, lively, spare time love making friends, listening to music, go out walking, talking, as well as the Internet. Like to read novels, essays, in particular, love to read magazines like books, idol, Zhou Enlai, the people usually get along with others based on good, family, friends, teachers care, like innovation, hands-on ability to do things carefully, inputs, but the lack of persistence, perseverance, learning three days fishing, two days of drying mesh, which has not become a top student, and sometimes sentimental, there is no National Cheng Kung University's temperament and personality. However, the lack of height and self-confidence, and fear of other people behind their comments. Solve the self-inventory of the disadvantages and shortcomings of the so-called leopard change its spots, although the persistence is not enough, but can share with positive enthusiasm to spur their own, over time, it will gradually build up, make full use has been a huge concern and support of my the advantage of friends and relatives, really to the students, teachers, friends ask, there is time that the various self-preservation and to develop appropriate plans to for correction. Regular exercise, enhance physical fitness, not enough to make up for the negative impact of altitude. Future life career planning based on their interests and the profession in the future should be both to the development of chemistry and English. Focus on these two aspects, I am special for the next five years for initial planning as follows: 1,2004-2009 of academic success of: full use of advantages of the campus environment and conditions, seriously learn professional knowledge, cultivate learning, work, life skills, comprehensively improve their overall quality, and as preparation for employment. (Specific planning see below). 2,2009-2012 years, familiar with the adaptation period: the use of 3 years or so, through constant trial and error efforts, preliminary work to find a suitable environment for their own development, jobs. Complete the main elements: (1) the qualifications, knowledge structure: to enhance their education levels, from undergraduate to graduate and professional skilled. CET best to get good, Mandarin through class, and get the certificates of spoken English, beginning with the society, work, familiar with the work environment. (2) personal development, interpersonal relationship: in this period, mainly to do basic work of his career, strengthen communication and ask for advice modestly. (3) lifestyle, hobbies: appropriate communication environment, try to create a more regular good personal habits, and participate in fitness exercises such as walking, aerobics dancing, playing badminton. 3,2012-2053 years, in their own workplace, the sense of the contribution of their own strength, have a wonderful family. Conclusion plan has its merits, but more importantly, in their specific practice and get results. Any target, just saying no will be the end of the day nothing. However, the reality is that the unknown variable, set the target program may encounter problems at any time, require a clear head. In fact, everyone has a mountain, carved with ideals, beliefs, the pursuit of ambition; everyone has a forest, carrying the harvest, fragrance, frustrated and refined. A man, to be successful, must have the courage, hard work, hard work, struggle. Successful, do not believe in tears; successful, do not believe decadent; successful Mirage do not believe in the future, rely on themselves to work hard!

2013-02-14 23:31:29