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Flattery is my only way out?

I do not know how people are always going to have a skill like the flatterer. Want to learn to know there is so difficult? Always going to curry favor with others. Please others. I can not. This is not me. Also not my style. Why. The point I was introverted. Less talkative than others do better than others. Assembly can not see other people? Also the end of treatment than others? . . Really figure it out. . . Do I want to be like others do to. . . I really can not do. .

Posted on 2013-02-14 23:31:29

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I think you do not do that, because your character has decided to you, but you can follow the boss not to BU his face with his rival on the line, at the appropriate time to put your results of what show to your boss or the boss is necessary, but the specific operation depends on what your boss is the grasp of people and measured, and slowly, you will come out on top to be recognized by others, need not flattering, but must try to change his introverted personality. A person's character is often to determine their ultimate fate, if you are too introverted, hard to reach people around you you, accept you and will always maintain a certain distance with you, including your boss; who are often appreciated by people who may not all been through the flattering attention of others. You can usually pay more attention to be around others who are vulnerable to people who recognized and see how they yes, politics, do not blindly identify these people and respected by flattering! No one is willing to deal with easygoing trapeze, especially as your boss. So I hope you magnanimous, optimistic and positive attitude gradually incorporated into Everybody in the early going as long as you take that step, I believe the people around you, including your boss will look at you with surprise. Not necessarily flattering, ah, if you try really hard to do something, insist on the advice, then the boss will find the flash of gold. I think the ability to shoot horses is also a manifestation of people do not say they do not fit ah ah say flatterer flattering probably can not afford this I do not disagree, but the other way round people are to survive each person has their own survival Road course, I hate these people but we should more reflect on their own way of handling things you can stick to your own position, but is not going to say there were bad people here, not that case though you are not flattering in fact you are Why do celebrities jealous of the Qing Dynasty's radius of the road heard of it? Study careful about it. Who wants to live the good of both worlds, outspoken and should coexist.

2013-02-14 23:31:29

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