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How to do a good job and the boss trusted relationship?

I first came to the company soon. I found the company which is generally not the boss. The company is managed by the owner Jiuzi. But he and I know because of some views on things along Debu lukewarm substandard. And this man is narrow-minded, so often below the belt. I also put up. While looking for people to do this kid a few times, but after all, will face obstacles put up with the boss. I hope you will help me out a good idea!

Posted on 2013-02-14 23:31:29

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Oh, I hear you say that you feel that certain aspects of not doing enough to Sure. Now that you've thought properly handle the relationship, then they should be aware that some problems can not be resolved by force. Our goal is to properly handle interpersonal relationships, then they would have to find ways towards a good goal.'s opinions do not represent who do not merge right and wrong person's worldview is different outlook on life is different from different views of things is normal. So we first to learn tolerance. inclusive view of life of others, and sometimes even errors. as long as not related to the work of principle, I would like to make it work should not be a stumbling block. Good communication is the root of the problem ah. or in the general Listen confidant of it. Oh everyone knows that please the boss at work how important a good impression, but the great mystery to discuss the methods may forget the ;?boss praises in front of others. Surface directly in front of your boss to give praise, while the boss is a flattering way, are very susceptible to the contempt of his colleagues around. Moreover, this type of feats positive effect produced by small, dangerous and even counterproductive. Such being the case, it would be better in the rest of the company, the boss's absence, some great bragging. The praise or will one day spread to the ears of the boss, the same way, if you say that some of the criticisms vilification, sooner or later will also be leaked out. A shrewd boss, even in his possession less than the department, must also placed one or two henchmen. Go for a drink after work from the nearby entertainment, and not necessarily all colleagues in the same sector, in which case, even a careless criticism, it is very easy to be expanded and reached the boss rendering intelligence network. Therefore, we also use these networks anyway, so spread out words of praise. A person who is not even this wisdom, he jumped out may be difficult! ;?fulfill Gunners boss were not good at translation level get the ink, or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs numerous subordinates what you should play long before the gunmen. Articles written by others, the deletion of change is very easy. So as long as a good first inquire about the contents of the writing, and then he began to work for drafting the gap no problem. Such people like the boss's right-hand man, highly superior courtesy and respect. Want to trade publications in the relevant submissions, preferably by boss, make your boss look over your first article, published in his name is most appropriate and correct. Many young people have had a painful experience. Smug in the publication a big fuss. Results are considered audacious boy. In short, the stronger the limelight after work, not only was Che Houtui, will be secretly blamed fiercely nozzle. Of course, some companies also reward such an atmosphere, but that is the minority. Use your role as long as the gunmen, stuck boss weaknesses, can clinch the joy of the boss. Can be seen under the intellectual to yourself by ghostwriter to shine. The so-called intellectual, is able to discern each other's mind, only this without him. ;?boss has no intention to seriously practice the conversation with the boss with the meal, the boss occasionally confided to remember the words and the right opportunities to practice. For example, your boss said: I recently heard a home magazine has published a list of celebrities speaking reward, there is a chance really want to see. At this time we should take the opportunity to newsstand or bookstore, looking to buy back a list presented to the boss to see. Although the words and work supervisors did nothing to do, but should be subordinate to do at whatever state of mind. To the extent possible, the last part of the supervisor should be given a word, practice. Although the words do not expect other people to do boss, not even the tone of that desire, but subordinate to the supervisor if the words are carefully observe the practice, but it is very pleasing. The boss has no intention of talking seriously to be achieved, it is to win the hearts and minds of as a boss. Things to do their duty, nepotism companies are like this, this is a common problem of Chinese enterprises, you can not change, do you think you can do to make good, if not, then you change a bar, your experience so much, naturally understand some of the so-called interpersonal communication, which is not being taught to you, because everyone kind of character do not see things that are not the same attitude.

2013-02-14 23:31:29