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The resignation of university graduates a year, will accumulate 3W, business how to start! ?

Do not want to work nine to five, and my heart has always wanted to own their own business, give up the present life, want to start, re-start and I hope an expert can give some valuable advice brother, would be appreciated. From scratch, I believe a better tomorrow! !

Posted on 2013-02-14 23:31:29

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30,000 yuan venture capital small business up and are greatly difficult. But the business group to take three business skills, with the two business should the concept of a small business can still be a small risk, the achievements of big business. 3 million venture capital because it is small business, limited business due to shortage of funds resulting change much. But as long as 30,000 yuan business management skills to master the three, big business can start with small capital. Skills I: Professional skills more important than equipment. 3 million purchase business equipment can cost a lot, so the entrepreneur must win their own professional skills. To invest in equipment such as SOHO may be only 3 million or less, the first purchase of computer equipment, printers, fax machines and other simple devices can work ashamed to set up a room, but the SOHO, must have a personal professional skills, such as Web site building, animation design, foreign language translation, art editor, text, etc., only the superb expertise to customer satisfaction, the cause of long-term. Training of entrepreneurs of various talent itself must have English, math, art, music or writing ability to be able to attract parents with their children come for advice. Easy Shop, or street vendors do their homework can not be ignored it, these two sectors plus the equipment or merchandise as long as the total investment of 1 million to 2 yuan can all set, but if founders trend for commodities, commercial circle change is still an outsider, then I am afraid you want to make money is a difficult task. Method Two: capital allocation should be appropriate. Only 3 million entrepreneurs in the capital allocation is a lot of knowledge. If only 3 million, then spent 1 million to 2 million in the purchase of equipment and raw materials on the line, best left 10,000 yuan as working capital. Also need to be reminded that there is a risk business, the entrepreneur would be if all the money into desperate career, once in the cause of frustration, the entrepreneur's life will be plunged into even worse predicament. Many entrepreneurs lack of funds would have thought to bank loans, investment experts suggest that entrepreneurs should not be too high loan amount, so as to avoid great pressure when you start. Bring your own gold and gold loans should not exceed the ratio of 1:1, meaning that the entrepreneur to store 3 million, with banks lending up to no more than 3 million, a result the entrepreneur has sufficient funds can be used more, liabilities the pressure is not so great. Method three: the use of marketing techniques to spend less. 30,000 yuan business entrepreneurs may cost a lot less in advertising, publicity above, if it is published in a newspaper advertisement for entrepreneurs, it is a heavy burden. Therefore, only 30,000 yuan business, could use some small marketing techniques, do not spend money or spend as little money to publicize. Engaged in various industries such as talent training, entrepreneurs can to neighbors, parents self-printed leaflets, posted on the bulletin board in the community can achieve the effect of publicity. The first step in expanding the concept of the cause of two entrepreneurs with small capital business to earn profits, to have the two concepts in order to expand from small entrepreneurial business in this territory. One idea: make a profit after investment. Small business entrepreneurs in the capital to earn profits, it is best to re-invest in equipment, such as SOHO, can buy more advanced equipment, street vendors and the network can shop stores toward the goal of an entity. Pizza house owner Mr. Lam started only 2 million business, and later after another profits made will be reinvested in equipment which is now up to 1.6 million net profit a month. Second idea: look farther, move towards sustainable development. The cost of many small entrepreneurs who started it may be illegal to operate or can not pay taxes, but these are only short-term cause of the transition period, the entrepreneur must look beyond, toward the legitimate, large, chain dream forward. For example, you can run towards the bilingual kindergarten kindergarten chain headquarters forward. In fact, these are not talking nonsense, many large business owners start a business just when the funds are not to 3 million, as long as the down to earth business, step by step efforts to accomplish the same small business big business.

2013-02-14 23:31:29

If you have the strength and enthusiasm to start...Start now..!!   Nothing is impossible.. cheers 

2013-02-14 23:31:29

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