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Everyone says that sales can hone a person, but must force yourself to do sales?

Hello everybody, I am a newly graduated college students, marketing professional, it is just a sales job, but I feel not very suitable for this work, but I tried, and now know he is still not right, I am more shy boss said that if it decides to do sales, they must change their enormous because as everyone says sales to hone a person, but must force yourself to do sales?

Posted on 2013-02-14 23:31:29

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If you really want to do sales, then change is necessary, fresh graduates do not understand anything, this is normal, the boss say you're shy, you are a more introverted personality is a person in sales must be confident, optimistic generous. But if your interest is not this one, you can do other industries do not necessarily learn marketing sales professional to have to do, 360, trekking the elite. Your first job may well determine your future way to go, I hope you choose carefully. I was almost out of marketing, but I did a lot of work to select a lot of times, find themselves still prefer to communicate with people on the choice of this business. There are many model sales, you can go slowly try to find what you want to know, barely do is do good, because you will not be hard to do. I hope you carefully and seriously considered.

2013-02-14 23:31:29

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