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Hopeless prospects for the company, the boss very nice to me, I should leave it?

The company is now no hope, but the boss is good to me, have proposed leaving, but the boss and hold, and now companies with poor performance, I do not know whether to stay. . . I am a heavy brotherhood of man, if you leave again, I really do not know how to open, a good knot. . .

Posted on 2013-02-14 23:31:29

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Companies with poor performance is a very normal thing, I suggest you can go with the boss to go, not only on account of his inner, but also exercise their own time, people in difficult times only to stimulate your subconscious mind regardless of ability. My advice is: do not resign. Now placed in front of you is two way, first is to resign, following the resignation of the boss will think you are a man who can not afford, is a timid person, good prospects in the company chose to leave time to do not trust you. The second is do not quit, you can do a good job with the company you work with the boss, you can become a loser, but also makes her own they are not the kind of infamy. I personally think you can give yourself two years to look at this business can turn things around, and if after two years or so to the business when you choose to leave! So you are no regrets, in fact, one year is also possible! Good luck!

2013-02-14 23:31:29