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New starter in the market trade

Hi, I would like to start a market stall on a saturday only in my local market. I would like to start selling costume jewelry, rings, bracelts, earrings etc I have a few questions and if any one can give me any adice, this would be greatly appreciated. Alot of the manufacturing sites i have seen say that you have to order 200 or 300. To start off i didnt want to order so much stock. Does any one know of some good manufacturer sites that i can look up where you can order smaller quantities? How secure are these sites to order from? Does any one know of other Jewelry sites i can go on for custome jewelry? not looking for silver jewelry but chunky different peices? Any further tips for a newbie thats starting out in this line of work? Thanks all

Posted on 2013-02-14 23:29:16

All Answers

There are few manufacturers offer less quantity also,if you are asking an OEM company they may not support lesser quantity.Better start through some trading company or distributor and once your sales reaches high you can buy from manufacturers.As such i suggest to search for more companies ,may be you can get a good supplier to supply smaller quantity as its regular buying.CHeers.. 

2013-02-14 23:29:16