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find me shipping from china to US. cheapest easiest please

we are shipping ribbons, small plush, feathers from china to US. i want it to go smooth and painless. is that possible? we are in texas and i want to know the easiest best priced way to make this happen.

Posted on 2013-02-14 23:26:37

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Hello,    We are looking for people to join us on a container from China to USA. We normal ship container ourselves but this time around we can not fill a full container. The problem is if you do not fill a container, to many hands touch it and you will not get your full order of stuff. Trust me this has happened to us more than once. We only fill container's and close the doors. Once the doors are closed they do not open intill that container come's to our warehouse. We ship with FedEx using container. Yes they are a bit more expensive than using a normal shipping company, but they clear all the paper work and its a door to door service. All we have to pay extra is the tax on the product. FedEx send us a bill for that 10 days after we have recieved that container. We need to get some product over here for us so if your interested in using the same container lets us know. We have a warehouse in China where we store our products intill we can fill a 20 or 40ft container. I would like to get more people involved with me so we can bring container for us over quicker. We would ship the container to our warehouse in Charlotte NC and then we would ship your products to you using FedEx Ground.  If you interested let me know and I will give you our address for our warehouse in China Also our warehouse in Charlotte NC. Also I will give you a price for your box size and weight.     Let me know   John

2013-02-14 23:26:37

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2013-02-14 23:26:37