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Which way of shipping can cut the cost for my goods ?

Hello, everyone, my small order will be finished soon, and at first my client and I are agreed on shipping by sea, because it is cheap. but now my client asked me to send the goods door to door, but don't want to pay much. The weight of the goods is about 120kg, and the volum is about 1 cubic meter.The goods should be sent from Haining city, Zhejiang province,China to NJ, United States. Please give me some advice how can ship the goods to my client door to door and with a low price ? Thank you in advance. Lily

Posted on 2013-02-14 23:26:37

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Hello,   We are looking for a few people to partner with to bring over a container from China to USA. We normal bring over container from China ourselves, but at this time we do not have the product to bring a full container. If we can get a few people to join us this would cut down on the cost for all of us! We have a warehouse in China that we store our products intill we are ready to ship our container. You could ship your product to that location and from there we would fill the container with your products and ours. We use FedEx for all of our container shipping. Yes they might be a bit more expensive, but they clear all paper work and customs with a breeze its a total turn key operation. The only cost we have to pay is the inporting Tax for the certain product we are bringing over into the country. We would ship the container to our warehouse in Charlotte NC and from there we would ship out your product to your door. If you can give me a box size and weight I can give you a good price on helping fill our container.    Thank You   John

2013-02-14 23:26:37