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Alibaba safety--what is going on?

Hi! I joined Alibaba quite a while ago but ony recently have started tryig to purchase its sellers' items wholesale. What I have found is a LOT of scamming, disorganization, and failure by Alibaba to monitor their sellers effectively. Why is this? Hos is it that these so-called "verified" sellers can get away with constantly scamming alibaba buyers without being banned from the site? I've seen a "blacklist;" why, instead of mentioning that these sellers are blacklisted, doesn't Alibaba take legal action against them? Also, I recently read the forum post about buying name brand products wholesale from China...apparently this is ALWAYS either illegal or a scam. And yet half of the sellers on Alibaba advertise this. Am I missing something? What is going on?

Posted on 2013-02-14 23:26:37