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Product Safety Management System Certification

Who product safety certification information management system template, please provide a shared look, or sent to, thank you!

Posted on 2014-07-27 00:00:50

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Introduction: the structure of information products safety check points Han Precision Electronics Co., Ltd. Kunshan plant safety requirements of the types of structural requirements of the regulatory structure that contains the following points: stability of the mechanical strength along the surface of shell holes and the distance from the isolation transformer (Isolation Transformer) stability of the device under normal use, not because of instability caused by the user and service personnel have been hurt by the following several ways to test for judging: placed in a 10 \u63B3 tilt angle of the plane landing type equipment (greater than 25 kg) subjected to 20% of its own weight (but not more than 250N) force in any direction (excluding the top is no higher than 2 M) 800N imposed by the device above the amount of downforce (the force area at least 12.5 by 20 cm, height of not more than 1 M) mechanical strength (1) to avoid improper use or move to affect the safety of the product itself, several of the following ways to test for judging: 10N imposed on the components + / - 1N power users within the Department and the shell, subjected to 30N + / - 3N force, every 5 seconds (using the straight-type Test Finger) outer shell is subjected to 250N + / - 10N force every 5 seconds (total thrust area of contact with the shell radius of 30 mm round for the plane); if the weight is greater than 18 kilograms, then the bottom without testing. Mechanical Strength (2) crash test: 500g + / - 25g of iron ball falling in the 1.3 M high impact shell analytes fall for the following equipment to carry out the test handheld device (Hand-held equipment) directly into the devices (Direct plug -in equipment) portable devices (Transportable equipment) Desktop Equipment (Desk-top equipment) but the weight is less than 5 kg Test method: desktop devices - from 750 mm + / - 10 mm height down other equipment - by the 1000 mm + / - 10 mm high mechanical strength drop (3) wall hanging device according to the guide, the equipment hung on the wall kind of content than the equipment itself, but then three times its own weight (not less than 50N) of the re- material, added to the test device, for 1 minute. Shell opening (1) above and the side of the fire enclosure opening size, must comply with any of the following requirements: either direction is not greater than 5 mm hole size is not greater than the width of 1 mm, the length may be above the hole can not be considered Avoid opening the outside columns fall housing (2) side opening housing structure to provide shutter opening (3) above and the side of the opening of the casing opening 5 \u63B3 projection area (4) Fire the bottom of the shell hole, if following the structure of the test is not required no openings at the bottom of the bottom opening of the area is less than 40mm2, and the openings above the burning level of V-1 or HF-1 or more materials to shield (such as PWB) open shell structure of the baffle hole (5) the bottom of the metal material, opening the bottom of Table 4B according to requests from the metal grid plate if the network structure, then the center distance between two adjacent lines is not greater than 2mm, the diameter of wire is not less than 0.45mm Shell opening (6) those parts need to have fire protection of a shell side of the part as the secondary side of the part, but its power is not limited to power supply (Limited Power Source) secondary parts, power supply and power supply is limited, but part is not inserted in the V-1's on the Power Supply PWB internal parts, although its output is a Limited Power Source, and will produce arc exposed parts (such as an open switch, Relay contacts), and located in hazardous and dangerous voltages energy at the wire insulation on the line distance and spatial distance along the surface (1) distance along the surface (Creepage Distance) between two points separated by crawling along the surface from space distance (Clearance Distance) separated by straight-line distance between two points in different Pollution Degree, the gap if it is less than X, will not consider the creepage distance along the surface distance and spatial distance (2) Example (1) along the surface distance and spatial distance (3) Example (2) Isolation Transformer (1) (Isolation Transformer) under voltage measurement results determine the voltage inside the Primary-Secondary, Primary-Core, Secondary-Core distance isolation transformer (2) (Isolation Transformer) attention to items measuring wall width (Margin Tape) coil winding terminal to pin tube (Teflon Tube) if the winding cross-site cross-angle of more than 45 \u63B3, separated with insulating tape is required layers of insulation tape Bobbin Core pin and the distance between the coil linear transformer (silicon steel Type) Bobbin drawer to be used structure isolation transformer (3) (Isolation Transformer) structure

2014-07-27 00:00:50