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Curve Formula

Professional measurement of the 4850 road and bridge program

Posted on 2014-07-27 00:31:22

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Is well known, transition curve formula is an infinite series expansion, traditionally, only the Curve formula taking the first two, but with the improvement of road grade and length, the emergence of large-scale transition curve, only two have been unable to take meet the need. So colleagues have the general formula based on the traditional start to the 5-8 items to use. Y coordinate of the traditional general formula is as follows: y = \u5371 {(-1) N-1 \u8133 L4N-1 \u6885 [(2N-1)! \u8133 (2c) 2N-1 \u8133 (4N-1)]} expanded to six, then the formula is as follows: Y = L3 \u6885 [6 (RLS)] - L7 \u6885 [336 (RLS) 3] + L11 \u6885 [42240 ( RLS) 5] - L15 \u6885 [9676800 (RLS) 7] + L19 \u6885 [3530096640 (RLS) 9] - L23 \u6885 [1.8802409472 \u8133 1012 (RLS) 11] this formula site said that the formula is mathematically rigorous However, the actual calculations used in this site that is wrong, should be used cautiously. Because the formula is too great value of certain items to the existing conventional method can not be exact solution, which can also lead to errors. Such as the set L = 125 m, where L23 on how to accurately calculate power? Results in the calculator 12523 1.6940658 \u8133 1048, ie 16,940,658 followed by 41 0. But we know that no matter how many 125's power, its a bit is always 5, the results of the above 0 is followed by 41 because they were negligible. This means that the L23 calculation error is 1 \u8133 1041 meters! Although divided by the back of a big number, but its accuracy is not expected! Traditionally, a number of books did not begin to, perhaps, more difficult to start because of precise calculation. Results out of everyone's security concerns, the site recommends the use of the formula too seriously the number of items, if transition curve is short, the corner is small, the formula does not make sense after a few, if transition curve length, angle large, the latter large number of calculation errors due to still not accurate. If wrong, hope and criticism correction!

2014-07-27 00:31:22