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I think the next one in a secondary school developed near the city open a monopoly of the small and medium sized ice cream stalls, the main mode of operation for the take-away (like pearl milk tea form), you said you have the development of space?

Posted on 2014-07-27 23:33:43

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This is not good, said that the county bar, consumption is not high, but students are students, after all, good fun is still there, but the majority, the most important is price, the price can allow them to receive, and not to eat these things that like a luxury, as the business will definitely not good. The second is the consumption problem, the next development of the city, school should be okay, I can not quite understand, that is, they have or are soon Lima to accept new things, you do so on the suitability of pearl milk tea They taste it, this is another problem. So for those customers are minors, it must allow into one of them, think about what they want, like a natural business will do.

2014-07-27 23:33:43