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To carry out non-deposit liabilities of the meaning!?

Can not be analyzed in detail, in place of point ~ Thank you!!

Posted on 2014-07-28 00:36:51

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To develop non-deposit business. Can take the issue of financial bonds as a source of funding long-term loans, expand the scale of rediscount, loan securitization, the establishment of a national currency lending market and other measures. At the same time to improve the account settings, one run self-interest account, that is, one deposit and loan accounts. Customers there is a certain period in the account or the amount of deposit, in urgent need can be in the account when the direct demand for loans or overdrafts. Second, start Souls account. Set the account of the foreign currency deposit accounts, investment accounts, loan accounts in one, with a set of deposits, loans, transfers in one of the functions. Customers can easily achieve the savings account, purchase foreign exchange, securities investment, the insurance company or trust account transfer, access to loans and other multiple purposes. State-owned commercial banks, international business, the trend of financial globalization, and socio-economic development of the inherent requirements of the law, but also China's accession to WTO, domestic banks can not avoid the important issues of our future survival and development of the banking industry of strategic importance. Seize the opportunity to actively explore the full range, multi-level international financial business and the development of overseas branches, to achieve international banks, is currently China's commercial banks an important part of integration and reconstruction. Business innovation should be market oriented, customer-focused, carefully study the market in depth customer needs, customer and market demand business innovation as the starting point and standpoint, to achieve customer-care systems of innovation, the development of high knowledge content, high technology, high value-added "three high" variety of businesses, emphasizing the brand development, highlighting the individual species, and actively explore the insurance companies, securities investment, information services and other related financial needs, along with the transfer of social hot spots and focus, according to social the direction of capital flows, the timely development of financial products meet the needs of society.

2014-07-28 00:36:51