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Bar code on the ticket mean?

New Year approached, afraid to buy fake tickets how to use bar codes to distinguish the authenticity of tickets

Posted on 2014-07-28 00:36:59

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To security and identification. At present, the major railway stations have been basically a computer ticket sales, but many small stations or large stand in line to open a temporary holiday bus card is still using the traditional hard copy tickets. Appears on the face of market counterfeit tickets, the passengers how to identify their "true" mean? According to experts, at present there are two fake tickets. One is "Wabu fake tickets", those who vote will be invalid station name, date of digging fares and cut, paste the long-distance station location classification, amount, time, shops, etc., and then iron pressed. Another is the "full-page fake tickets", those who vote using a real face patterns and the related text, numbers, etc. Scan to PC, through high-resolution color printer to print out a high degree of simulation. Cassette format for the paper ticket, the face matt, texture, flexibility, not broken, the votes are not smooth around the cut section. On the contrary, in the case fake tickets, the face shiny, smooth and tidy section around votes, easily broken, not very clear pattern of shading, shading unevenly. Handmade fake tickets ticket punched holes the size of the date, spacing is not standardized. In addition, holes have to look at the date of the ticket and sit on the back of the ticket on the date of signature are consistent with par on the back, hair stations, fares writing whether the altered Wabu marks, uneven writing and so without bias . First, the implementation of new computer print "electronic ticket", is the use of special paper, not only flexible texture, smooth and fine face of the water wave lines, if carefully identify or point of view you can see a brief transition, "China Railway" and "CR "and other words and characters invisible security, while the bar code printed on the ticket. Experts to identify fake tickets several ways. One is the face look with a magnifying glass the number of parts found to be not the same numbers and other writing or marks have been altered, most likely fake tickets; If the amount is only a number after the decimal point "0", then must be fake tickets; face was Wabu place was in the process of being scraped part of the counterfeiting of paper fibers, so that some white in direct sunlight, & c.; In addition, with a magnifying glass or light irradiation on the face if you see the station name, fares, trips cracks, etc., that are mostly fake tickets. Above method is more suitable to "Wabu fake tickets," the identification. For the "full-page fake tickets", the first can be identified by feel really good paper tickets, feel smooth, glossy, fake tickets varying paper thickness, feel rough. Meanwhile, the real ticket coupon ink under sufficient light exposure to the soft sheen, and can see the watermark, while the fake tickets face value, "China Railway" logo and the back of the watermark is less clear, and the number of hands and gently massage the face, the ink will stick in the hand. The most important one: now have a basic knowledge of train: train tickets left at the top of a set of encoding (for example 10X092122 or C090505), in the face of the bar code number at the bottom of the group, should be reflected in the second set of code shown above shows the beginning of the content from the letter, such X092122 C090505 displayed in the face or the bottom of the second set of figures in the bar coding.

2014-07-28 00:36:59