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Where can I apply for trademarks in Hangzhou

Where should I apply for a registered trademark of Hangzhou?

Posted on 2014-07-28 01:19:17

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Trademark in Zhejiang can go to understand the situation general, trademark registration process: query - Application - acceptance - Audit - Notice - Approval - certification and other steps. First, the registration for a trademark registration rights of the earlier inquiries: query is in the trademark registration applicant or his agent before the application for registration of its trademark application and then first right is whether the same or similar trademarks query work. Check mark is worth noting that although not a necessary a registered trademark of programs (follow the principle of voluntary inquiry), but this work can greatly reduce the risk of trademark registration and improve the certainty of trademark registration. In the query process, the trademark application by the data processing and review of the impact of other reasons, so some of the earlier application of the trademark can not access the database, it can not query to retrieve the part information. Also trademark check and review of commitments by different staff, and check personnel and review of the different views on the review of personnel may be different views, therefore, not as a result of the query trademark legal basis, does not have the force of law. Therefore, registered trademarks, before the query to find a professional company or a trademark with a trademark sound query the trademark agency organization is very important. 2, applications for trademark information: (1) If you are a natural person the applicant is required to produce your ID card and submit a copy of my identity. If you are as an applicant to apply for business registration, enterprises are required to produce "business license" and provide a copy signed by the issuing authority "business license" copies. Be stamped and signed the completed individual trademark application. (2) reproduction of the mark 10 (specify color color marks, payable 10 colored drawings, black and white ink is issued on a). Provided the trademarks must be clear, easy to paste, smooth and durable paper or use photographs instead of, length and width of not more than 10 cm, less than the 5 cm. Reproduction of the mark direction unclear, the application of the arrow marked on the bottom. Application for cigarettes, cigars trademarks, drawings and the actual use can be as great. (3) to prepare the appropriate registration fee: registered trademark regulation fee: 1,000 yuan +1000 trademark agency fees. Second, the application for registration 1, only with the following conditions of individuals or groups can apply for a trademark in China: the trademark registration applicant must be: legally established business. Institutions. Social groups. Individual producer or trader. Individual partnership or signed with China joint participation agreement or international treaty with China or by the countries of the principle of foreigners or foreign enterprises. meet the above conditions. need to obtain a trademark right, according to a voluntary basis, to apply for trademark registration Trademark Office (November 2001 1, the China Trademark Office began accepting applications for a natural person registered trademark). 2 Classification of Goods and Services by the application: At present, the implementation of the Trademark Law of the International Classification of Goods, which put a thousand kinds of goods and services are divided into 45 categories, of which 34 categories of goods, services 11 class. Application for trademark registration, classification of goods and services should be the classification of the goods to determine the use of trademarks or service category. The same applicant in different classes use the same trademark for goods, it should be classified in different categories according to product application for registration to avoid improper expansion of trademark application, but also conducive to the review and approval of personnel protection of trademark rights. 3, to determine the date of trademark application: the importance of establishing the filing date, as prior application of the principles of trademark use, in the event of the filing date The trademark has become established the legal basis of the filing date of trademark registration received by the Trademark Office shall be the date the application form (the smallest unit of the date as 'Date') III is a trademark trademark registration trademark examination review of the competent authority of the trademark Trademark registration is in compliance with the provisions of inspection. information retrieval. analyzed and compared. investigation and decided to give preliminary approval or rejection of the application and a series of activities. Fourth, preliminary validation is the trade mark application for registration after examination, meets the "Trademark Law" the relevant provisions to allow the registration of the decision. And in the "Trademark Notice" in an announcement. Preliminary approval of the trademark from the publication date of announcement of the preliminary approval for three months no one raised objection to the trademark, also run up notice. Fifth, is a registered trade mark registered trademark of the proceedings. By the trademark registration application, the applicant, the Trademark Office give preliminary approval to review a notice within three months of no objection is raised or contested by the ruling is not established, the trademark is registered effective protected by law, the trademark shall enjoy the trademark exclusive rights. From application to approval of a trademark registration takes about one to one and a half. Validity of a registered trade mark registered trademark is valid for ten years, from the date of the registration is approved, registered trademarks, the expiration of the need to continue to use, may apply for renewal of registration. Six recipients of trademark registration by an agent through the agent who sent the trademark "Trademark Registration." Directly to the registration of trademarks, the trademark registrant shall receive "receive notice of trademark registration" to the Trademark Office within three months after obtaining a license should also bring: (a) trademark registration certificate to receive a letter of introduction; (b ) Collector and a copy of ID card; (c) copy of the original business license, a copy shall be stamped the seal of the local business sector; (d) to receive notice of trademark registration; (e) change the name for trademark registration to be attached certificate issued by the department to change the work. Another: Trademark Registration time: a new application to the trademark application for certification from the general need for a half or so, which form of application processing and review will take about a month, about a year in real terms in the review, objections of three months, Notice to issuing approval for about two months time.

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